Visiting the Khast-Imam complex, formed around the grave of the prominent Muslim scholar Khazrati Imam


Here in the library you will have the opportunity to see Osman's Quran (the oldest surviving Quran in the world).


Continue to the Barakhana Madrasah near the Hastimom mahalla. After the complex you will visit the Chorsu market, the largest in Central Asia.


After visiting the market, you will head to the Iconic Plov Center, where you can see and taste the process of plov cooking.


After lunch, you will visit the Museum of Stalinist Repressions


Night Tashkent:

Walk in the evening Tashkent with a guide. The guide will accompany you until you return to the hotel.

Then we head to Mustakillik Square, exit to the Broadway. We follow to the square of Amir Temur, where his monument is located




After breakfast, departure to the Chimgan tract, spurs of the Western Tien Shan
Moving along the mountain serpentine, we climb the sandy pass, 1830m high, descend to the Chimgan tract, where you can enjoy the clean mountain air. Trekking on horseback, ride a cable car.

Then we descend to the Charvak reservoir, which is formed by the confluence of three mountain rivers - Chatkal, Koksu and Pskem. We pass the Charvak dam 300m high. Then we go down to the village of Khodjikent, where the oldest 700-year-old plane tree (plane tree) is located. Encampment of an ancient man, rock paintings.

Lunch at the national teahouse.