In this city and its environs, a number of ancient archaeological and architectural monuments, the ruins of ancient Zoroastrian, Nestorian and Buddhist fortresses and settlements, as well as monuments of Islamic architecture, have been preserved. Your route will run along the picturesque gorge of the Gissar Range of the Pamir Mountains. Upon arrival in Termez, we will visit the archaeological museum with a rich collection of exhibits. The At-Termezi memorial complex, in which a famous Sufi theologian is buried in the past The fortress of Kyrk-Kyz is the summer residence of the rulers of the Samanid dynasty, built by the Zoroastrians. Ensemble Sultan Saodat and Zurmalu (Buddha's stupa), where the descendants of Muhammad are buried. As well as the Buddhist archaeological sites of Karatepa and Fayaztepa, the mausoleum of Al-Khakimat