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Its goal is to preserve the existing cultural heritage with all its specific features and the level of artistic prowess, as well as to support folk crafts such as gold embroidery, hand weaving, wood carving, carpet weaving, building craftsmanship, and fine art. 

The atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale as always will be recreated by a colorful procession that will take guests of the festival thousands of years ago, when caravans loaded with silk and spices came from China to Europe, passing through mountain passes and lifeless deserts, stopped in blooming oases.

In the Tashkent region on December 21 a new ski resort "Amirsoy" was opened. A large number of outdoor enthusiasts, including expatriates, came to the event. Investments in the construction of the facility amounted to $ 100 million. The leading design companies from Italy, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Spain and Denmark were involved in the creation of the resort. The project was implemented by Andorran PGI Management, which has extensive experience in this area. The cable car was built by an Austrian company. In total, the resort has 10 tracks of varying difficulty, the longest - about 3.5 kilometers. The second phase of the resort ("Western Amirsoy") will be implemented in the third quarter of 2022