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Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation

For a Turkmenistan (TM) TOURIST visa, in order to enable us to provide you with an LOI, we will need a detailed service booking with fixed dates. The minimum cost of this will be about USD 100..130 per day per person for a standard overland routing if you are two or three or 140..200 if you travel alone, for paperwork, transport, guide and accommodation B&B. We will be glad to make a detailed offer or join you up with other clients at a lower cost, if you can make some preliminary indications of what you would like to do and when you wish to travel. 

You will be free to move around Ashgabat and its surropundings on your own, but everywhere else our licensed driver or guide is mandatory. Please bear in mind that invitation processing can take 2-3 weeks.

The only alternative for independent travel would be a transit visa which is sometimes granted for a maximum of 5..7 days with fixed dates and is issued on the grounds of the Iran / AZeri and Uzbek visa. Transit visa processing AT THE EMBASSY takes 10-14 days and there is no guarantee of approval. We cannot assist with transit visa and no LOI can be issued for them.