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Kazakhstan LOI information

1 LOI's can only be applied for earliest 2 months and latest 14 calendar days prior to the first entry date you set.

2 Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the visa.

3 We can currently only provide with tourist LOI's for up to 90 days (3 x 30 days max) and business up to 12 months (max 30 days per entry, max 60 days stay per 180 days). See for the various visa types as attached.

4 Hotel booking copies for at least one night and copies of flight bookings or tickets matching the application are 100% required for tourist visa and often also required for business visa. Indicating stay at private apartments is only possible if they are booked through a booking system with a relevant confirmation. Indicating arrival overland is NOT recommended and may result in rejection.

5 Rejections and cut down LOI's (eg 6 months instead of 12) are charged in full (we have to pay in full prior to application, and there is no refund system at the MfA) also when documentation is submitted incomeplete due to new rules applied.

6 Applications must be completed by 13 pm the weekday prior to application for applications in Almaty (western passports only).

7 OVIR rules for registration remain complicated - for overlanders we STRONGLY recommend applying for tourist visa in order to be able to register in remote cities. With non-western passports we need to insist on a registration package to be provided with the LOI which must be indicated individually from case to case (rules changing).

8 Airport arrival LOI's for up to 30 days are now only an option for passport holders or residents of countries without KAZ Embassy. Translated & Notarised proof of the latter may be required. 

9 For people applying outside their own country, some proof of residency in the country of application or copies of previously issued KAZ visa may sometimes be required.