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Uzbekistan Tour 14 days (2 weeks)

От куда: Tashkent

Куда: Tashkent

Uzbekistan tour 14 days (2 weeks) Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva – Tashkent – Fergana (Fergana Valley) – Tashkent



Day 1 : Arrive to  Tashkent. Transfer to the Hotel. Depends on what time  you arrive, you can have excursion this day or free day.


Day 2:  Tashkent city tour at 09:00 am. Hast Imam Memorial square. Chorsu Bazaar. Kukeldash Madrassah, Independence square, The Memorial of Repression, Abul Kasim Madrassah, New Minor mosque.


Day 3: Morning transfer for the train to Samarkand. Dep at 08:00am arr at 10:10 am. Transfer to the Hotel


Day 4: Morning city tour at 09:00  am, including Gur Emir Mausoleum, The Registan, State Museum  of the Cultural History of Uzbekistan, Samarkand bazaar, Bibi Hanum Mosque. Shakhi Zinda Ensemble from 7-17th centures. You can see there mausoleum one of  great islamik profit Ibn Abass. Hoja-Nisbaddor mosque Ulukbek Observatory, Ancient Samarkand, The Afrasiab Museum. 



Day 5: Transfer to the train station. Train Shark  dep at 11:50am arr at 15:10pm. Transfer to the Hotel.


Day 6: City tour including Labi-Hauz, a statue Hoja Nasretdin, Nadir Devanbegi              Medressa -1630, Nadir Divanbegi khanaka-17th c., Kukeldash Medressa -16th   c., Jewish quarter-12th.c., Covered bazars, Taji-Sarrafon Area-12th.c., Taqi Telpak Furushon   Area, Ulugbek Medressa-1417, Abdul Aziz Khan Medressa-1652, Kalon     Minaret-1127, Kalon Mosque-16thy.c, Mir-i-arab Medressa-16th.c., Amir Alimkhan Medressa, The Ark(Reception & Coronation Court, Friday Mosque) 5th c.,Registan, Zindon, Bolo-haus Mosque, Ismail Samani Mausoleum  (completed about  905CE), Shaibonid town walls, Chashma-Ayub mausoleum              12th c., Buyan Khuli Khan & Saifuddin Bukharzi Mausolea-14th c. Eveningconcert inside Divanbeg Medressa with national Uzbek classic music, dancing and fashion.


Day 7: Bukhara. Outdoor excursion. Visiting summer residence Emir Bukhara Mokhi Xosan, Naksh Band memorial complex. Visiting cemetery Chor Bakr.


Day 8: Bukhara. Day at leasure.


Day 9: Transfer Bukhara – Khiva. Hotel.


Day 10 City tour including Ichon-Qala Gates & Walls, Mohammed   Amin Khan Medressa - 1850s, Kalta Minor minaret, Kukhna Ark, Summer mosque, Mohamed Rakhim Khan Medressa, Sayid Alauddin Mausoleum &  Music Museum, Juma Mosque & around. Mosque it interesting for the 218   wooden columns  supporting its roof . The few finely decorated columns are from  10th century mosque. Matpana Bay Medressa - 1905, Arabhana Medressa - 17th c., Dost Alyam Medressa ,Abdulla Khan Medressa - 1855, Aq Mosque - 1657,  Anusha Khan baths, Alloquli  Khan Medressa - 1835, Kutlimurodinok Medressa - 1809, Caravansarai, Tosh-Kholy Palace - 1832, East Gate & Modern bazaar,  Islom-Huja Medressa 1910. Pahlavon  Mohammed Mausoleum & Sherghozi  Khan Medressa - 1326, Dishon-Qala -1906. Evening transfer for the Flight to Tashkent.  Tashkent. Transfer to the hotel Ideal.


Day 11: Morning travel through the Kamchik high pass to Fergana Valley.           Distance about 330km and take 5 hours. On the way city tour to Kokand. population 176,000. Tour including Khan Palace - 19th. c., Narbutaev medressa -  1799, Sakhib Mian Hazrat Medressa - 19th. c. After 50km from Kokand city tour in Rishtan  and visit to a group of masters pottery utilising the fine local clay. Their ceramics use mostly    traditional designs. Hotel.


Day 12: Margilan with population 145,000. Visit to bazaar. Uzbek matrons here dress almost   exclusively in the locally produced  khanatlas silk. Silk factory. It's possible to see the whole  production process. Drive back to Fergana.


Day 13: Drive Fergana – Tashkent. Accommodation in the Hotel. 


Day 14: End Tour. Transfer to the Airport.



Tour includes:

An a/c car for the whole trip (or trains between the cities)

Hotels B&B


Arrival transfer

Flight Tashkent – Urgench

Show in Bukhara


Tour doesn`t include:

Alcohol drinks and beer

Entrance fee to the sights

Taking photos / videos at the sights

International air tickets

Accompany guide (only guides as per itinerary)

Any insurance

Tips, souvenirs

 P.S. As our Group works individually with each of our tourists we do not note the names of hotels. All hotels could be choosen by our tourists. Also we are always open and ready to make changings in the tour.