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Letter of Invitation Russian Federation

Letter of Invitation Russian Federation


Time to visit Uzbekistan - important reason to come!

Winter holidays are coming to end and you have time to plan your spring, summer and autumn holidays.

If you are interested in an old culture, Central Asia and Silk Road your choice could be Uzbekistan. According to the “Financial Times” review Uzbekistan is the second country which you must to visit in 2017. The list of must to visit countries were made by the leaders of Tourism industry and includes such destinations as Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kenia, Finland and ECT.


National home stay! Nurata region.

If you really want to see the Uzbek way of life - you have to visit home stay!


The list of places which are forbidden to visit for tourists.

According to the last changes here we present you the list of places which are forbidden to visit for tourists. To get the permission for visiting you have to contact with your Travel Agency.


The regional history and Aral Sea museum in Muynak is modernized

Those rare travelers who have enough time to go to the former seashore of Aral Sea in Uzbekistan - Muynak town, have not much things to see, even if the sites are very interesting. The ships graveyard is most famous site there. Some visit former canning factory (but no things to see there, really). The Sarbast artificial lake (or Saribast, or Sharibust - seems that even locals are not sure how to call it in correct manner) is a wonderful place. It's located right in the former seabed (the photos were taken in November 2011, they are clickable).


Buzkashi - Uzbekistan polo-like game with goat's carcass

Many heard about the buzkashi - a traditional Central Asian game with goat's carcass. This game is very popular in Uzbekistan, but mainly during winter season. It's hot in Uzbekistan in spring and autumn (not to tell about summer!), so horses are not able to stand an hour of harassing riding. Nevertheless, March of 2012 hosts the final games of buzkashi season!