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Why I have to visit Uzbekistan next year?

Winter holidays are coming to end and you have time to plan your spring, summer and autumn holidays.

If you are interested in an old culture, Central Asia and Silk Road your choice could be Uzbekistan. According to the “Financial Times” review Uzbekistan is the second country which you must to visit in 2017. The list of must to visit countries were made by the leaders of Tourism industry and includes such destinations as Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kenia, Finland and ECT.


Being in the middle of the Silk Road Uzbekistan fully represents the spirit of the Silk Road times. If you are not able to visit all Silk Road countries Uzbekistan is a good choice to show you all sides of the Silk Road, for example: mosques, madrasah (old school, some of them is still working), minarets, bazaars (covered bazaar in Bukhara).

According to the new President`s program Uzbekistan will be Visa free country for 15 countries, and for 12 countries will be Visa free for people at the age over 55 years old. For now it`s just a project, but we hope it will start to work and more people will enjoy Uzbekistan. The program should work from April 2017. Before your trip, check the information with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in your country or with the travel agency. 

Besides this Uzbekistan its own interesting history. Before being one country, cities of Uzbekistan were the parts of different khanates, dynasties, and empires. The most well – known time is the period of Amir Temur`s (Tamerlan`s) ruler ship. 

During spring, summer or autumn you can visit theaters or interesting shows in all cities of Uzbekistan.

So, what I wanted to say: WELCOME TO UZBEKISTAN! Make your new year wonderful.